Do you know about Olivia Bee?

 Olivia Bee is a famed photographer who has been commissioned by Converse, Fiat,
Hermes, Teen Nick, Vice and the New York Times among others for her 
fantastic work. She takes images and turns them into 70's infused dreams and 
oh, yeah, she is only 19 years old. 
That's kind of the catch.

This is Olivia Bee. She grew up in Portland, Oregon but is now living in 
New York City where she continues to shoot more incredible photos. 
I see a really bright future for this young photographer.
Aren't her photos dreamy??

Here's a Teen Vogue article with some info on her. 
And here's her website. 

{all the images above are either Olivia Bee's or Teen Vogues.}

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