Under the Tuscan Sun (But Really)

 This is what Spring in Italy looks like. It's unreal.

 Beautiful view of Tuscany.

 Flower boxes are my favorite.

 Putting our feet in the warm thermal water.

 The best sandwich. Prosciutto, peccorino cheese, and the freshest bread imaginable.

Wildflowers galore!

It was a perfect field trip filled with good food (of course), short sleeves, and a 
little Italian boy handing me a postcard he bought for us. His little face was bright
red but after all of us friends were congratulating him and basically lifting him up
on their shoulders. Way too cute. 

We went inside this church next to the wildflowers in the last picture and 
Dominican monks were chanting and I felt completely at peace. It was a
beautiful moment. All of this to say I am very excited to head back to 
Tuscany next week with my parents! 


MMB said...

Those wildflowers make me so happy. I just bought a bunch yesterday at Trader Joe's, but somehow Tuscany seems a bit more authentic :)

Nicole Marie said...

the wild flowers just boomed here too!! i love them!!