A Peek at the Weekend

This past weekend I went on a little retreat with my service fraternity up to Mt. Lemmon
and it was the perfect little getaway. The weather was cool (I was constantly bundled
up) and there were some trees changing colors so I was happy. 

After the past two weeks of craziness and constant stress, the fact that I could 
escape up to a cooler climate with some friends was truly wonderful. 
This upcoming week is going to be a lot easier to manage so I'm excited to 
be back to blogging and looking over other people's blogs! 

If you didn't notice, I am apart of the Her Campus Blogging Network now!! 
I'm so excited to be a part of a group such as this and can't wait
to meet more people. :)


mQs said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!


Shelby said...

this is awesome. there is seriously nothing better than escaping to nature for the weekend.