Favorite Fall TV Shows

The four shows above are my all time favorite shows at the moment. The ones I actually
will make time for because let's be real, life is busy and TV shows are often last
 on the list of importance. But these four are worth my time and I'd love to know 
what your favorite shows are! It's pretty obvious I like a wide array of themes
but I think that's what makes things interesting! ((Parenthood is another show I 
watch every once in a while but I don't take the time out of my week to watch it,
only when I have some free time. ))

Also, I just got into Scandal because everyone was talking about Olivia Pope
and ohmygosh my roommate and I are working our way through season 2 and
loving every second. Dang this show is intense! 

Sleepy Hollow is the one show that is new for me and at first I loved it and then
last week it creeped me out a little bit and I don't know if I can handle it. haha
It's so scary!! Have you watched it?


MMB said...

Chicago Fire is surprisingly good. I didn't think it would keep my interest, but the writing gets better and better.

And don't even talk to me about Scandal...it's incredibly intense, but I love every second of it.

Good choices :)

Nicole Marie said...

uhhh new girl is my favorite!! and i really need to get back into homeland