Real Talk: School

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Lately, life has been great. I have been busy in the best way possible,
I feel strong in my friendships and have kept up with my family, and everyday
I try and brush off the frustrations that occur but somedays are more difficult
than others. But that's normal. And that's life. 

Yet, lately school has been killing me. I'm not feeling passionate or inspired, I'm
running through the motions and spending copious amounts of energy trying
to achieve good grades with no results. It's exhausting, ya know? Somedays
I get so exhausted from the constant grade beat downs and trying to brush it all off
with a "you'll do better next time" kind of mentality that I literally go to sleep early
just so my mind will shut off. 

Then next time occurs.

Still there's nothing. The cycle begins again. I often think of my favorite Great Gatsby
quote, "So we beat on, boats against the current..." to get by.  And I smile
and push back the frustrations. 

Maybe school is not my forte and I need to accept that. 
Maybe I just need a break away from the schooling.
Maybe I need to suck it up.

And so as the quote says, I am arming myself with coffee and the willingness
to be wrong as I make my way through this week and the rest of this semester.
 Join me?

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MMB said...

I felt this way certain semesters of college, especially my junior year. Power through it.

Any way you can make your next semester's classes more interesting? Maybe even take a fun class to break it all up?