The Grown Up Bag

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I have been actively looking for the perfect "grown up" bag for quite some time. I haven't
found the one yet but the bags above serve as perfect inspiration for the bag of my
dreams. I don't spend a lot of money on bags or shoes (clothes on the other hand I spend
too much money on...) so the purchase of this bag would be a big deal. 
Hopefully over winter break my mom and I will do a little shopping around for a 
Christmas/ 21st birthday present. (Hellooo January birthdays!) 

What was your first "grown up"bag? 


Nicole Marie said...

my only grown up bag is a small chanel bag my grandma left me... other than tat i bought a leather purse from italy... otherwise all my bags are handm and cheaper zara purses

Jennie Grange said...

Those grown up bags are perfect!

Lauren said...

Wonderful picks! I really like the second one!