I Promise I'll Be Back

So this blog is going to be quiet this week... again. I really hate this because I love
this creative space but I need to give my all to the exams and papers
I have due soon.

I have to say, these past few weeks have been rough. These are the weeks that are
classic college but not a part of the good memories, just the "oh yeah,
college is hard and remember when the library was your home?" memories. But
mixed in with those rough moments have been some pretty great ones as well.
So don't you worry! 

So the library is where I will be. I'll see you all next week! :) 


Shelby said...

at least you have an excuse for a little break. i am usually just lazy when it comes to this little corner of creative space. haha GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR EXAMS!!! sending all the positive vibes your way!

Cloudless Dreaming said...

Good luck allie!! <3 You'll do awesome!

Megan said...

Good luck on your exams! I just graduated two years ago and I barely remember those studying nights. Not to worry, the good and fun memories stay stronger! hehe :)

xo Megan, LushtoBlush.com

Heather Przybyla said...

I TOTALLY am right there with you this week. i'm having to buckle down and get back to business..in the school sense ;)
Good luck on all your exams and work!