Papa Hack's Visit to Arizona

My dad (or Papa Hack as we lovingly call him) came to visit me last weekend
and it was a blast! He spoiled me rotten by taking me to the yummiest 
restaurants and we bought a bunch of Christmas presents for the rest of 
the family at an Arts & Crafts fair we stumbled upon! 

Some other things we did include:

 Having coffee at his favorite coffee place, Exo. 

And touring Kartchner Caverns! If you haven't been, I definitely
recommend making a reservation to see this amazing cave and hear
the story of how it was found! 

Tucson was killing it with the weather while he was here and I even had
to wear my windbreaker for the football game (where we won!!). 
I love having visitors so I'm so excited that my best friend is coming in two weekends!!
Can't wait to frolic around the desert with her!

Aren't visitors just the best?

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Allie said...

Visitors are definitely the best!
♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise