Everybody's Working for the Weekend {links}


Hey there!
I'm currently in Berkeley enjoying some time with friends and pretending I'm back in college. There have been some fun things I've run across the internet this week so I thought I would share my favorites. Follow along on my INSTAGRAM and TWITTER for some pictures of my weekend! 

THIS MAN'S VOICE is so beautiful. I'm so excited to hear him live in August.

THIS made my LOL (literally). Jon Snow has always and forever will be my favorite GoT character.

THIS post by Chelsea from The Financial Diet was so interesting and thought-provoking (and also written in a slightly humorous tone).

Oh how I want THIS SHIRT.

Will someone make me THIS DRINK?? And while we are on Wit & Delight (an amazing blog!) you should check out THIS POST on sisterly love. It's SO true.

Have you ever cooked Kielbasa before? I made THIS RECIPE the other night for my family and we devoured it! Also, it was crazy easy to make. 

Have a serious case of wanderlust?? Check out my SISTER'S BLOG and take a look at her amazing pictures. I wish I could fly out there right now and visit!

Did ya'll know that authors are writing modern re-tellings of Jane Austen classics? I recently found out and have been reading the retelling of Northanger Abbey. It's not as good as the original (Obviously, they never are) but it's still fun! HERE IS the newest one!

Have a great weekend!! :)

(reminder: all capitalized words are links!!)

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