So You're Looking for the Perfect Graduation Gift

Fret not! I've got you covered!

The Perfect Grad Gift

It's that time of year again! GRADUATION TIME!! I am going to my friend's graduation this weekend and I can't wait to be there for her like she was there for me! And then in the following weeks, the rest of my friends with be graduating!! It's such an exciting time and it really feels like their is electricity in the air. Everyone is buzzing and ready for the next big thing!

I thought I would round up a few of my favorite gift ideas for anyone struggling with what to get their friend/loved one/etc. Let's begin!

1. For my graduation/our Christmas gifts, my friend bought us all bracelets that said, "Tucson." I absolutely love my bracelet and it's such a special gift because we all will be leaving/left Tucson and now we can always remember the memories we had in that desert town. You can put the person's name or the name of the city they went to college or even their hometown! Either way, it will really mean something. HERE'S the one in the picture. There are so many options though.

2. I. Love. Flowers. Honestly, who doesn't? Is there anything sweeter than being gifted flowers? Well what about if those flowers came straight from the fields and also helped charities such as Wish Upon a Teen and Trees4Trees? Bloom2Bloom would be a perfect gift for a grad who is further away but you still want to send some love. We sent two bouquets to some relatives and they LOVED them.

3. This one is similar to the first but in necklace form. How fun would it be to get someone a state outline of where they went to college or are headed to next? Or even their home state! Etsy has some gorgeous ones like THIS one. Also, I'm such a fan of rose gold.

4. Now this one would be tricky for me because I can't bake very well for the life of me but I have friends who love to bake for special occasions and give the goodies as gifts. I think it's a great idea because you spent not only money but a good chunk of time to bake the yummy treat. Also, if the cake has edible flowers such as the one ABOVE, then bonus points.

4. For my graduation I also received a blanket similar to THE ONE in the photo that screams the Southwest. My friend gave it to me and it's always something I'll treasure to remember my time in the desert. I have it lying at the end of my bed for a pop of color. How nice would it be if you got the graduate something unique from their area?

5. Lastly, everyone can use a beautiful candle like the one ABOVE. Not only will it smell amazing but it can also be a nice decorative piece! If you or your family is giving money as a graduation present, this could also be a nice complementary piece. I'm obsessed with that blue color!!

Did I miss anything?? If so, let me know in the comments!!

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