Style Crush// Jamie Chung

Have you guys witnessed the amazing style of Jamie Chung yet?? I ran across the second to last picture of her outfit she wore to Coachella this past weekend and it stopped me in my tracks. So classy! Yet still so fun! Basically it's my dream music festival outfit. I would probably look like I was going to a business meeting wearing a long pencil skirt like that but she totally pulls it off. 

Can I have her closet?? I would wear all of the above in a heartbeat. She even has an amazing style blog called, WHAT THE CHUNG? that you should check out. She seems down to earth and fun too which is an added bonus to her spot-on style.

Also, side-note but doesn't it seem like an influx of celebrities are starting fashion/lifestyle blogs? Julianne Hough just started one and who knows who's next!

 Who is your current style inspiration?
And happy Friday! Have a fantastic weekend! I'm going to UC Davis' Picnic Day and on Sunday my town is having an antique fair!! Can't wait for both!

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Allie said...

It was hard to choose!! I want all of her clothes!