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Blue Hues

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Clearly I've got a 50 shades of blue situation going on here. Blue is supposed to be one of the most calming colors which is why so many companies paint their walls blue and I totally get it. There's something earthy yet tropical about the color that makes me take a deep breath and wish I was on a beach somewhere. Most of these items are under $100 (score!) and then some are definitely on the splurge end of things. But those shoes!! I have absolutely no reason to buy those Vince Camuto beauties but I so wish I did. 

Every spring/summer I paint my toes blue and keep them that way for the entire season. I've been doing this since I was younger and for me it's the sign for barefoot season. I really don't like painting them any other color during this time because for me, it's a celebratory color. Blue or nothin'. I'm eyeing that light blue Butter color for my next pedicure.
Do you have a go-to nail color? 

Have a happy Wednesday! Go out and buy something blue. :)

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Allie said...

blue is one of my favorite colors, love this!