Indiana Jones Style

When I stepped out of the car wearing this outfit my friends reaction was, "You look like a female Indiana Jones!" It must be the hat and the leather running throughout the outfit so I ran with it and voila, it's the title of this post now :)

I stole these shoes from my mom's closet and have worn them for pretty much everything since I found them. I also got this dress out of my sisters closet and have kept it in mine since she left for Italy (thanks Col!). I'm really good at borrowing other people's clothes... ;)

This area of town is my favorite because of its tree-lined streets and quaint homes. My parents always talk about retiring in the neighborhood and I 100& think they should. I'm all for cozy little homes and bonus points if they have cottage windows. 

I picked up this hat at a little boutique in Folsom called Southern Kissed and the color was what caught my eye. It's such a pretty emerald shade that I couldn't resist. The rest of the outfit is borrowed (as I mentioned) or older. The dress is from Old Navy a while back and I think everyone should own a simple, classic dress like this. It's one of my favorites to throw on when I need a good & comfortable go-to outfit. THIS ONE has a similar fit. (Also, PSA: all of Old Navy's dresses are on sale right now!!!)

I couldn't find a hat exactly similar to mine but Topshop has their classic Fedora at Nordstrom HERE and it's pretty great.

Have a lovely Wednesday! Oh yeah, and IT'S FINALLY APRIL!!! (leaps for joy and does three almost cartwheels)

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