Why Knot {Explore}: UC Davis Picnic Day

 This past weekend, my friend Sarah invited me to her school's picnic day! She goes to UC Davis and even though it's only a short drive from where I live AND my mom went to school there, I had never seen the campus or the cute town. Davis is seriously adorable and everyone bikes, which I absolutely loved. It was a jam-packed day in the hot sun (it was almost 90 degrees!!) but so much fun! 

Here are some highlights::

 One of the biggest highlights for me was when I got to milk a cow!! How many people can say they've milked a cow?? It was actually pretty easy and the cow (her name was Pretty Lady) didn't seem to mind all that much. Such a neat experience!

 I firmly believe these will never get old. We had the perfect amount of people to be all of the animals!

 Sarah and I both made the wise decision to wear hats or else I think my pale skin would have easily burnt. It doesn't take much. I'm actually pretty proud of myself because I only got the smallest sunburn after a whole day in the sun! (#irishskinproblems)
We saw this "Coke" can in the distance and thought it was pretty hilarious. I wish I could say I don't drink soda because I know it's absolutely horrible for you but every once in a while there is nothing better than a couple sips of Coke. I actually prefer Coke Icees above all else. 

I missed the UA Spring Fling this year but made up for it with Picnic Day. Experiencing something like Picnic Day made me so glad to live in Northern California. UC Davis is doing a ton of research in sustainable farming and trying to find the best way to feed a growing world and I find it fascinating and so important!

Hope you had a great weekend!! Listen to "The Fall" by Imagine Dragons and wait for the build if you need a way to escape the Monday blues. :)

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Allie said...

super fun. I had several friends who went to UCD and it's definitely a pretty campus. =)



Allie said...

Sounds like a great weekend :)! Also, I'm obsessed with your hat! Perfect for a picnic on a summer day!

Allie said...

It sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I love little adventures to look forward to at the end of a long week :) xx