The Highlight Reels

I was reading the She Reads Truth Monday devotional post all about seeking and they wrote something that made me sit up and think. In the first paragraph they talk about a characters epiphany in a movie. You know the one when they realize how they've been living their life all wrong/their best guy friend is actually the love of their life/how they need to take THAT job, the one they've been avoiding/ etc. etc. etc. All the cliche epiphany's. 

But I do love that part in the movies. I love when we've been sitting there for an hour watching his/her life build up to one moment and when it's just about to happen, I often find myself grinning and giddy. Even when it has nothing to do with my life, watching someone's life pan out, even a fictional life, is exhilarating and worth watching. Is she going to get the guy? Is the guy going to realize that she's "the one"? Will the company finally realize his/her potential?  Will she leave everything and pursue the dream?

Sometimes it seems nice to have a short story like in movies. To have a clear beginning, middle and end all wrapped into 2 hours and the character has all their questions answered. But then I realize I like the nitty gritty of daily life. Movies don't show daily life. They show the highlight reel of a characters life. We all get those highlight reels every once in a while, but then we also have the bits that would never make it into a movie because, let's be real, they aren't often that entertaining.

I feel like I am right at my epiphany. Or at least I hope I am. ;) And this is just one epiphany of many! I want this section of my life to be jam packed with fun highlight reels (with the occasional boring bits) and I want to take the leap. I'm not sure what "the leap" is yet, but I'm sure it'll be exciting and terrifying, as most leaps are. 

Just curious, what have been some of the highlight reels in your life? Those moments that stand out as greater somehow?

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Allie said...

I love that part of the movie/book as well but...that was a great distinction between real life and the movies. God is our script writer and sometimes he doesn't let us know where the script is leading us but we know it's going to end up as an amazing story. What a great way to embrace the future!