The Easter Dress

As you can see, I recently splurged on a new Kate Spade bag. Remember how I've been obsessively talking about my first adult purchase and how I would love for it to be a Kate Spade bag? Well I saved up my pennies and received this beauty just last week. I love it's light spring color!

 Happy Easter from me and my sister!

Now let's talk about my Easter DRESS. I recently picked this beauty up from Nordstrom in the TopShop section. Guys. Everything in the Topshop section of Nordstrom is AMAZING. I'm not usually someone who likes exposed backs but I thought this one was so classy and subtle that I couldn't pass it up. It ended up raining on Easter (classic California, we are in the worst drought ever yet it decides to rain on Easter of all days) so I paired it with my leather jacket from Target (purchased a while back) and I loved the biker-girly looked it created. 

Last month when my family had a big family dinner, I was not in the best place and ended up feeling down the entire time. Even my little cousins noticed and were all, "What the heck is wrong with you? Is something wrong?" But yesterday I felt hopeful and was able to enjoy myself and talk with the people I love. Maybe it was the power of the dress... ;)

I hope your Easter was filled with joy and hope for the rest of the year!

(anytime I capitalize a word, that means there is a link attached if you're interested in looking up the clothing item!)

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