Beautiful evening strolls.

My parents and I went to a University of Oregon meeting for parents and students today and when we were finished, we got some dinner in Midtown Sacramento. I have a newfound obsession with Midtown. The vintage blue or white houses and the trees blooming everywhere are too good to be true. Every where I went I wanted to take pictures. There was this one house (gorgeous and vintage looking of course) that was right next to a coffee shop and I decided it was pure perfection. You'd get the smell of coffee in the morning drifting through your windows and you could easily walk across the street to grab a cup. You see, not having to drive somewhere because you can easily walk/bike to it is wonderful to me.

Also, the amount of beach bikes with little adorable baskets is too much. I absolutely want every single one. I made a point to show my parents every one I loved so they could get the hint for college. :)

Walks down the streets of Midtown are a perfect night for me.

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