We don't live in a perfect world

which is good. i would not want to live in a world where everything was sunshine and rainbows. but ever since Papa died, family outings have been depressing. i can't blame them, my family, because i know all of this is hard. this is our first easter without him and while i miss him as much as the next person, i have a hard time dwelling on his passing. i prefer to see him in my everyday life and look back on memories i have with him. everyday something reminds me of him and it brings a smile to my face.

i just wish my family could be this way also. i understand it must be more difficult to lose a father, god forbid i can't imagine losing mine... but because of the circumstances and the passing of time, i have grown to accept his passing and live my life with his smile and laugh always in the back of my mind. i hope my family can get to this point also.

i don't mean to ramble and throw words out on this page without any rhyme or reason, but i just noticed a trend this easter and felt the need to vent. that is what this blog is for right? to express feelings and let others in on what you're experiencing?

the next few months will be difficult, with my graduation coming up and him not being there, to my grammie's birthday... but i plan on including him in on these events through prayer and knowing he has my back. :) it was a wonderful easter for the most part, i just had some thoughts.
thanks for listening or i guess, reading!

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