Some may call me Type A

(Can't get over these roses from our front yard!)
I'm that girl. The one who already has her children's
names picked out, her ideal house, and her career all planned out.
I like to call myself a planner. But some may just call it Type A. :)

Anywho, my friend Matt informed me of a new name I absolutely
love! Ready for it?... Raylan!
Oh, it's love. I picture an adorable blonde boy/girl running around. (Gender
neutral) You see, I like unique names. Not anything like Apple
(no offense Gwenyth) but more along the lines of Georgia, Everett etc.
Definitely loving this new addition
to my "possible names for the very far future" list.

Also, I got my new blue bathing suit in the mail today! Yay!
And I'm obsessed with the show, The Voice! So good! Check it out
next Tuesday!

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