Hello Friday

Dear Friday,
Usually, I love you. It's true. But today was a little different. First, you see, I had to wake up a little earlier than I was used to for this week. Then, I found out my t-shirt I designed for CSF at my school, is not being allowed to be sold anymore. (Cool.) I put a lot of work into those shirts, and then to be told a parent complained about the phrase on the back (which is totally a common pop culture reference) as being inappropriate, is very saddening. Yet, I didn't let those things put me down. After school I ate some Italian food (Dominik's-yum) and then bought myself a red velvet cupcake at Icing on the Cupcake. So despite some not so fun moments today, I guess you were all right.

Maybe next time we can avoid things like the t-shirt debacle and me being really tired. That would be great. Talk to you soon.

Now let's look at some cupcakes!
Emmie's Orange Dream cupcake
Kim's honey something cupcake. It had custard inside (not a
huge hit with Kim) but it also had a cute little bee on top.
My always perfect red velvet. Never fails.
What can I say? I'm a creature of habit!

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