Perfect Accidents

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. And this morning I was thinking
about how wonderful "perfect accidents" can be. You know the kind.
You planned to get somewhere on time but hit traffic and ended up somewhere
completely different in the end. Or you planned on having a night in and your
friends burst into your house for a Nerf gun war, and you end up having one
of the best nights. Or perhaps you ordered a specific coffee at Starbucks but instead
of making the drink hot like you ordered, they made it iced and it tasted
delicious! (Who knew?!)

Happenings like these are what are truly magical in life. So often we plan
our next move, the next step in the "right" direction, when all along
God had a different plan for us. Look at Pia on American Idol last week!
Do you think she wanted or deserved to go home last week? No, and because of
it, she probably already has a recording deal and has been receiving more
publicity than Charlie Sheen at the moment.

I guess what I'm hinting at is that often those moments we don't
plan, those moments we could never assume would happen,
are always the best. They are "perfect accidents" and should
always be around.

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