Monday Madness!

Boy, oh, boy it was a good Monday. I didn't have to go to school
until 11:20 today and I got to have a leisurely lunch and be all
bright and happy when I finally did go to school, because
of those extra hours of sleep! Like I said, a good monday.
What I wore! So Spring-y! (Ignore the purple unicorn pillow
pet. Even though you know you may be jealous.)
Ring I stole from the sistor. :)
Fun Snapple facts!
And a perfect lunch. I love Karens!

Now I'm off to eat some din din and see some friends!
We don't have to be at school till 11:30 so I'll be a night owl tonight!
(About 10:30 is what I consider a night owl kind of night.)
Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

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