A Time for Firsts

Today I embark on my first eighteen year old adventure.
I will be flying halfway across the U.S. by myself.
Am I nervous? Not really. Am I excited? Definitely.
The whole not being nervous part is really getting to me.
Why aren't I more nervous? Shouldn't I be?
Maybe this is me becoming a true "adult."
(Whatever that means.)

As you know, I adore the South. Therefore,
going to Kentucky is just a dream. I've been twice before
and every time I find myself admiring each and every piece
of land. I know Kentucky isn't really very south geographically
speaking, but the southern feeling is there either way.
I should have watched Elizabethtown last night. Darn.

For a side note, do any of you know how difficult
it is is pack for a place like Kentucky and then for Arizona?
Let me tell you, it is quite difficult. Because see, I leave
straight from Kentucky to Arizona to meet up with my mom
to see the UA campus, and therefore have to pack for
both places. I hope everything works out packing wise!

Actually, I hope everything works out in general!
Fingers crossed!
Say a prayer for me as I embark on my first adult adventure?
Thanks. :)


wilybrunette said...

oh good luck and enjoy!! adventures are the best, aren't they?

Allie said...

I absolutely loved the solo flying and now that I'm here I'm so glad i chose to go by myself to visit my aunt. You're right, adventures truly are the best! :)

Eva said...

Good for you...it will be such an experience! :)