I was meant to be Southern

In all of my dreams and everything I think about take place in the South.
I could be reading a poem about summer and immediately I place it in the South.
My friends know this about me, but sometimes strangers are a little confused
by this. I don't know what there's to be confused about-I just love the South. Period.
Everything from their way of life-slower and sweeter- to their food- fattening and
delicious-is the best. At work I catch myself saying "How are ya'll doing?" and then
stopping before I embarrass myself. Because honestly, I am a true California girl.
I've never moved and I feel it would be offensive to all of a sudden start
saying "ya'll." In my heart I know I'll move there someday. I'm just
unsure about when that someday is. For now I'll admire Olivia's photos
at Everyday Musings and think about the South constantly.

Photos: http://weheartit.com/entry/8157228
and Olivia's at Everyday Musings.

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