twinkly lights
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the other night, right before i laid my head down, after all my prayers were sent out, i decided i needed to write down a few lines. i haven't written any poems in quite some time and this moment of realizing i had something that needed to be said was completely freeing...

so i took out my ipad and wrote...

my mother used to warn me
of the evils of this place
she said listen to these words
and you'll know what to face.

hold on daughter as tight as you can
hold on to the promise land
hold on to what you know
and hold on to what'll never show.

there's a great world upon us
we want to take it in one hand
do what you can to stop us
we're gonna roam this land.

these words enter my mind in darkness
yet they'll act out in the light
i'm gonna rise up from the thick fog
and i'm gonna win this fight.

the world's mine to grasp
it's just a matter of removing it's mask.

i don't often share poems on here. yet this one brought upon such a freeing feeling that i felt it needed to be shared.
thanks for reading.

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Marshall said...

that's beautiful, Allie. And so very true. Thank you so much for sharing it!