Life is Funny

life is funny sometimes. and instead of getting angry over little instances that are easy to get annoyed over, sometimes you just need to laugh. a big, obnoxious laugh. oh, and talk to the strangers next to you that are in the same boat. even if they give you a weird look for talking to them (hey, just wanting a little conversation here!) it's all worth it.

i heard the storm coming and i got excited. so i quickly put on my cute flower sweater, some jeans, and decided i needed a hot cocoa. i then exited the building on my way to the market when it started sprinkling. no big deal i can handle some raindrops.

but then on the way back... the Heaven's opened up. Hellloooo rain.

i stood there for a few minutes debating whether or not i just sprint back to my dorm with a hot cup of cocoa in my hand or wait a little bit. (i actually did my hair today. it was a big deal.)

i decided to run.
and wouldn't you know it, i got soaked. but it's all good! it's a funny story and it's not like i'm going to melt from some rain. even if it feels like i just showered with my clothes on. :)

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