Weekend Round-Up

i'm hesistant to talk about this past weekend. in some ways, it feels like i'm holding this bottle beaming with love, light, and energy and if i release it, it'll be hard to contain all of it once again. so i'll be brief.

have you ever had one of those spiritually enlightening weekends? the kinds where you meet tons of people who are loving, caring and share your same faith? the kind of people who hug you a lot just because they look at you and know you could use a hug. where you come back, a changed person?

that was this weekend.

first, i was able to escape the desert heat and head up to the mountains of Arizona (breathtaking) and then i was able to share my faith, that i often keep concealed, with people who understand where i'm coming from.

then today, as i'm walking around campus i saw at least 5 people from the retreat and i was able to call out to them and in each other's eyes, we understood one another. no oral communication needed. that, is powerful stuff.

let me know if you've experience something like my weekend. :)

Song of the Day:
Restless by Audrey Assad.
(listen to it with the lyrics in view. the lyrics are the most powerful part.)

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