The Kennedy's

i recently watched the kennedy's miniseries. (if you follow me on twitter, you are fully aware of this) after finishing all 8 episodes, i have reached a few conclusions.
1. i'm not a big fan of JFK. (at least from what i saw in the mini series) he didn't respect jackie and their marriage enough and to me, that speaks volumes.
2. jackie kennedy was wonderful. and her clothes were absolutely beautiful.
3. bobby kennedy is my favorite kennedy. he is my current obsession. this may sound horrible, but when they showed the scene where JFK was shot, i didn't shed a tear. didn't get emotional at all. but when they showed bobby being assassinated, not only were the flood gates opened, but i was furious. i guess i realized he died but i was crying like a baby when they played it out on screen. plus, his and ethel's marriage was just too good. love her.

Bobby and Ethel

i would recommend watching it, even if only for the clothes. :)


Marshall said...

Cam and I watched it and loooved it! They did such a good job with it.

Allie said...

Ah yay! I couldn't believe how dramatic that family was! And I couldn't stand the father. I got pretty into it. haha

Faraja Tina said...

I watched it as well and i loved it! Like you Bobby is my favourite Kennedy & he was played by a great actor. A few days after watching it i got a bit obsessed with the Kennedy family & i wanted to know more and i guess thats what a good drama does to you. Loved it!