We Shine

today my heart felt heavy. i walked around with not my typical smile on my face. instead, an impostor frown seemed to replace it. it wasn't ok with me... but i couldn't change it.

but then those tests were finished. put in the drawer and tucked away until i receive my grade. but that's another time. for now they're tucked away safe, away from me.

so i went to dinner. off campus. it's better out there. the food, the atmosphere, the people. and my friend paid for my dinner and there was laughing and all was good with the world once again.

and that's how this works. we fight and we push through and we live. and perhaps because of the trouble, we shine a little brighter. our war wounds are signs of pride and we flaunt them.

and that's what i did. i stood up from the stress of this week and i smiled. i got through this. amen.

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