The Search for the Best Chai

My friend Seth and I are hardcore chai tea lovers. We won't settle for anything mediocre. Especially since we are poor college students. :( So we decided to go on the hunt for the best chai in the area. Here was our day:
The day began with brunch at this adorable place called Wilko. I got their tomato soup. Best tomato soup I've ever had.
Then the hunt began. We went to 4 different cafes, 2 being a 10 minute bike ride away. You could say I was exhausted after visiting those two. But one of them, Cartel Coffee Lab, reminded me of Bloom back home and therefore has a little piece of my heart. But the other, was not very worthy of our money. Except for their to die for midnight chocolate cake. Swoon!

Then it was off to Time Market, where they have pizza named after F. Scott Fitzgerald's books (therefore I'll be going back) and Epic Cafe, which was the WINNER of our hunt.
On our way back from Cartel Coffee Lab and Raging Sage, we stopped by Bookmen's. Apparently this place is big in Arizona, but I had never been to one. It is now my favorite place to buy used books. It's basically heaven.
And look what I picked up?? F. Scott Fitzgerald's short stories for $9! I guess you could say it was a Fitzgerald type of day. :)

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