Arizona Sunset
Photo: Here

lately, ive been feeling very grateful. grateful for this restored faith in God, new friends that make me a better person each time i see them, old friends that bring tears to my eyes every time i think of them, and little things like Arizona sunsets (see picture), thunderstorms, the brick walls of my dorm and coffee.

this week is hectic. crazy. the kind of week any college kid could tell you about. pile all of that on top of the insane amount of things i signed up for (overachiever in the house) and that i'm taking a language i've never taken before. (ciao italiano!) one could say i'm barely hanging on at times.

but then i go to youth group and feel renewed. then i see people from retreat and feel this warmth. i see beautiful cloud patterns and i pray. i pray for me, for you and for the people i'll never meet of this world. and i can breathe. even if just for a second.

or i'll get a letter from one of my best friends or a facebook wall post from another and these tears build up. good tears. "i miss you" tears.

so i'll be ok. of course i will. i know i will.

"when she was just a girl,
she expected the world.
but it flew away from her reach,
so she ran away in her sleep.
dreamed of paradise."
-coldplay paradise

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