A Perfect Day

yesterday was wonderful. the kind of day where i forgot how old i was and that, oh yeah, i am in college. i was able to rest my head on my mom's shoulders and be a total goofball with my dad. we had heart-to-hearts and the day was ours. if i haven't said it before, i love my parents.
we went to Mt. Lemmon and reveled in God's beautiful land
watched as my dad (yeah, that little white speck) climbed
huge rocks while we panicked a little
ate some of the best gelato i've ever had
and watched the wildcats lose to the ducks but it was
still a blast

honestly, we left at half time because it was obvious who was going to win (ducks) and my mom and i went and saw Abduction. good movie. i'd recommend it. :)

now they are heading home soon and i'm back to collegiate life.


meg fee said...

sounds like such a delicious week home with family--a nice respite from college life (good as that is). xo.

Allie said...

It completely was. :) Made me appreciate what a great relationship I have with them. and yes, college life is very good. haha