Benvenuto a Orvieto

Last night I was lying in bed reading a book and I felt like I was at home.
Then I looked out the window and saw cobblestone streets, window shutters,
and a bright street light and remembered, "Oh right, I'm in Italy."

My trip has been wonderful thus far. I may actually be a little tired of bread and pizza
at the moment but I'm sure that will pass. I also had my first cioccolata calda today (hot
chocolate) which tasted like warm pudding. (Delicioso!) 

My Italian is slowly and awkwardly coming together but that is all part of the fun 


Nicole Marie said...

: ) :) :) these pictures make me so happy... send some pizza my way cause you better beleive i'm getting real sick of jamon and queso

MMB said...

:) Congrats on your safe journey over there. Day by day you will find some other food options. In the meantime, drink some wine, eat some gelato, and try some different types of pizza ;)

Jessi Francis said...

I'm super jealous that you are in Italy right now. Wish I was! And that food all sounds delicious!

Dana said...

Lovely pictures. Enjoy being is a special time.

Benlovesting said...

Beautiful photos!

Haley said...

Enjoy every moment! I'm sure Italy is not hard to enjoy! x