Let's Go To the Beach

This weekend our family friends invited us to their beach house at Stinson Beach
and we couldn't say no. (Obviously.) It was beautiful waking up to the ocean waves 
crashing onto the sand and sunsets that would make anyone weak in the knees.

It was my perfect last weekend in the States. On Thursday I leave for Italy
and it is really hitting me. (Like REALLY hitting me.) 


Kelsey K. said...

I got to Italy last Thursday and am LOVING it! Get exciteddd!! :)

chloee said...

take me there! this looks so fab! i am in need of that sun! love these. thanks for sharing and adore your blog!

MMB said...

One of my closest friends just left for a semester in Florence today :) Soak up every bit of your time left at home!

Catherine said...

These pictures are incredible. Makes me want the warmth and the beach SO badly right now! These single digit temps we've been having are NOT for me.