Golden Globes 2k13

 I was going to show you my favorite gowns of the award show but ended up
not liking as many of them as I thought I did originally... so that backfired on me.

Overall, I thought the show was hilarious on Sunday night. Any one else wondering
why it took the HFPA that long to have Amy and Tina host?? They were classy
and hilarious. I was also incredibly happy that Les Miserables won quite a few awards
and so did Homeland. And that bit on drunk Glenn Close? Classic. 

But just so I don't end this post with no gown in sight, I thought I would show
you my favorite gown thus far in the awards season.
The honor is given to none other than Jennifer Lawrence who is one of my favorite
actresses right now. I'm seeing Silver Linings Playbook today and am so excited after
hearing all the buzz. This was the gown she wore to the Critics Choice Awards
and the train/the classiness of the dress made it a favorite for me. Plus you can never
really go wrong with black. 

Did you have a knock-your-socks-off gown that you saw at the Golden Globes?

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