Hawaii Parte Due


While it is in the low 40's here, I thought I would put some more Hawaii
pictures up. We were on the island of Kauai which I find to be stunning.
We zip lined, swam in the ocean even when it was raining, drank too many
pina coladas and I'm going to stop while I'm ahead so you don't hate me.

My family also has a new tradition where every time we need to take a family picture,
we put a little twist on it. Our first one was when we went on Splash Mountain and all
5 of us had the most serious faces on like we absolutely hated the ride,
(the picture is a big hit at our house) and this time we threw mustaches into the picture.
(Mustaches are still funny right?) 
At least we think they are. My dad looks seriously intimidating. 

Happy Thursday!


Jane Harman said...

hi! i found your blog and really love it! i am obsessed with that red lace dress you are wearing a couple of posts down. you are darling.

chloee said...

okay cutest thing ever! your outfit is to die for!

Tori Anne said...

i want to go back to kauai!! it is seriously so green and beautiful, not to mention WARM there!! cute pictures, ha you should definately post that splash mountain picture!! you blog header is the cutest thing, i may or may not be obsessed:]