Orvieto From Above

Orvieto is full of little treasures. Today we explored the Duomo (that huge cathedral) 
and every time I stand before it I am always blown away. It is absolutely stunning
and so intricately designed. Each sculpture on it's walls are incredibly expressive
like you're looking at a true human face. 

We also climbed to the top of the clock tower and got an amazing view of the entire city.
It's crazy to think so many (pretty much all) of these buildings are significantly older than 
America! I absolutely love it here.

Also, I hope you notice my leaping zebra sweater. It's a favorite thrifted piece
of mine. (:


Catherine said...

Beautiful pictures!! So glad you are loving it! :)

his little lady said...

All of the architecture is absolutely stunning! Great pictures, girl!
xo TJ

Taylor said...

oh dear, i am hoooooked! how did i not stalk your blog before!? cannot wait to hear more about italy - my love!

lauren jean allece said...

Gorgeous photos (this post and the last!)! If there is one thing I would tell every college student to do it would be to study abroad... LIVE IT UP GIRL!