A Quote on Mumford & Sons

 I've discussed my love for Mumford & Sons before here, but there was something my 
friend said last night on Twitter that completely summed up why I adore this band 
as much as I do. 

He said, "I just love how they GET the struggle to love God, the perfect being,
in our human weakness."

Wow, right? When you comb through the lyrics of their songs they are filled with deep
spirituality and struggle while also maintaining a hopeful spirit. 

It IS a struggle to love God and trust him fully but I guess that is the point of our 
own spiritual journey's with the Lord. We must seek Him always and sometimes
listening to a Mumford & Sons song is my way of connecting with Him. 


MMB said...

Mumford is up there as one of my all-time favorite bands for the same reason. They empower people to accept and reflect on the vulnerability that comes with being a human being :)

Nicole Marie said...

they're coming here to madrid in march and the tickets sold out so fast! i'm so sad

Jane Harman said...

yes they rule!!!

lauren jean allece said...

Agreed! That's the perfect way to put it. I can't listen to their music without hearing God... And I love that. They remind me how beautiful that struggle is sometimes - and more importantly, how worth it it is!