This feels like living

I have become so very comfortable at home. I'm on my 5th week at home and it feels like
summer. But it's not and I have a great adventure waiting for me starting this week.

There is something to say about getting comfortable with ones situation and there's also 
something to say about being 20 years old and needing to branch out of ones
comfort zone just enough to feel alive.

I'm in that in-between stage right now. I'm fine where I am but know I need to reach my
hand out for opportunity come Thursday. 

But isn't that how all the greats became, well, great? One of my new years resolutions is
to grab life by the horns and really let myself go a little. I let my 40 year old self
take over my 20 year old body way too much and this is my chance.

This is my chance to free fall a little. Because when you're free falling out of the sky
you have not a care in the world and you're only wearing a smile on your face because
this feels like living.   

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MMB said...

Do it girl :) I just wrote about that same idea on my blog yesterday. You just gotta take those chances, otherwise you get stuck in the comfort of the everyday. :)