An Organization I Love

Ben's Bells is an organization in Tucson that is near and dear to my heart because of the
wonderful message it encourages and the way it touches upon everyone's hearts in Tucson.
The organization was founded by a local family who lost their son far too early and 
as a coping mechanism, began crafting with clay and making little bells.
They soon began placing these bells all around the town in the hope that they are spreading
kindess to others who may need it like themselves. The bells symbolize kindness and healing
and if you find one around town, it really is something special. 

 You can contribute your time to the cause by painting pieces of the bells and crafting them 
and it really is incredibly therapeutic. If you ever need an afternoon to relax and forget about
the worries of the week, heading to Ben's Bells is a great option. All of the paint and 
materials are laid out for you and all you have to do is get creative. 

It's one of my dreams to find one of the bells but for now I am content helping create them
and spreading the word on this organization and the act of spreading kindness.
I have the bumper sticker above on my car and I even saw one on a car in the Bay Area this 
weekend and it instantly filled me up knowing the kindness spreads far and wide. 
I firmly believe you find a bell when you need healing and a little bit of kindness in 
your life.

Check our their website here!

Have you heard of Ben's Bells? What's your favorite organization?

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Valeria Armendariz said...

I love you girl. You're one of the few people I know that truly lives by spreading kindness to others. Keep doing what you do :)