It's Almost Time!

This post brought to you by Brita.  All opinions are 100% mine.


     It's that time again! With August comes the back to school shopping (which I absolutely love and 
    will probably continue to do forever and ever amen) and the first day of school outfits, and
    the general excitement in the air of something new about to begin. 

    Above are some of my favorite items for back to school shopping and everything 
    that I use on a daily basis. I love using my clipboard for when I want to do some homework
    on the couch, a white board to save some paper when working out some problems preparing for
    a test, a water bottle because you have to stay hydrated and this one is perfect because it
    also filters your water (my sister just bought one and loves it!), and of course you need
    pens and several notebooks for all your classes! I like having a notebook per class. :)

    And if your water bottle doesn't have a fancy filter on it, then I recommend getting a Brita®
    to fill up your bottle and stay hydrated! (Can be purchased here!)
     My roommate and I have been using this one for 3 years now and all you
have to do is switch out the filters every 6 months!
     There is too much plastic in the world as it is, so water bottles and some good ole
    filtered water is the way to go for 2014! 

     I'm picky about the water that I drink, so if I like this water, I think you might as well. :)

    Also, my roommate and I went out into a monsoon to capture these shots and needless to say, it
    was quite the adventure! I wasn't sure if my car was going to make it through the flooded streets
    of Tucson! But obviously we made it and I love how these shots came out! 

    *This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own and I really do vouch for the quality of Brita® products and I use them on a daily basis! :) available at Target
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