Out and About

 This past weekend I planned on going out to take some pictures when all of a sudden the sky
opened up and it began to pour. I obviously decided to go anyways and I'm glad I did
because I love how I now have some super rainy photos while living in the desert. Also,
how amazing is that purple wall? The cafe that I am standing in front of is
Tooley Cafe and it is the cutest little hole-in-the-wall place that instantly
feels a little like home. They were closed for their summer break but I plan on 
hanging out there a lot in the Fall.

If you ever need some brightly colored walls for your pictures, the southwest 
is the place for you!


Brigette Olmos-Arreola said...

Cute outfit!

his little lady said...

I'm always a fan of bright colored walls! And good thing it started raining, that umbrella is adorable!!
xo TJ


Maya McDonald said...

So stinking adorable! You make a rainy day look chic! xx

Shelby said...

I love these photos! And that umbrella is killing me!