To You, From Me


I am a huge fan of snail mail. There is nothing better than the excitement involved in receiving
mail and vice versa when you place that letter in the mail and hope it gets to the 
recipient as quickly as possible. When you receive a 'Thank You' card, a 'Just
Because' card, or a 'Happy Birthday' card, you know that person put thought into picking 
the perfect card, carefully writing it, and sent it out to you personally.
My new stationary and my custom stamp are from the Tiny Prints Gift Section and they are perfect to continue my stationary love and needless to say, I'm obsessed. I love that I can use the stationary
for professional endeavors but at the same time, it is still pretty and true to who I am. 
And don't even get me started on the stamp because it has been a dream of mine to own one
of those and the design is gorgeous! There is a picture of it below from a distance for
security reasons. :)
When I graduate from college in December I can't wait to send letters to all of my 
friends back in Tucson as a sweet way to correspond. The map hearts are all the places I like to call home and all the places I will write to. With all the obsessions with phones
and social media, it's nice to step away every once in a while and give a personal touch.

Are you a fan of snail mail?


jess buckley said...

This is such a cute post. Love the hearts made out of map! I'm a huge fan of snail mail, I wish I was better at keeping up with penpals!

Caitlin Elizabeth said...

Love this post! I'm such a fan of snail mail too! There's something special when you think of someone taking the time to handwrite you a note. There's nothing quite like getting mail, is there?

Amber Mancino said...

loving this, I truly thought people didn't take the time to write letters anymore. I love getting mail!