I can't believe I will be leaving this place in 2.5 short months. When I think about 
leaving the life I've built, the people I've formed relationships with, and the town I've grown
to love, I feel proud but also slightly devastated. This is when the whole going-to-
a-school-out-of-state thing becomes complicated. I regret nothing about my college experience
and I don't know how I am going to say goodbye in December. How is it possible? 

Who is to say I will ever be in Arizona again? I could be in California, Nevada, Kentucky,
Tennessee, South Carolina or New York next year. But Arizona isn't on the list
and who's to say it ever will be again. But this season of my life has been special.

Did any of you go to school out-of-state and have to say goodbye to the people, the 
places etc. for the unforeseen future? How did you deal with it? (suggestions please!!)
I'm trying not to think too much about December but it will be here soon enough and I can
already tell I won't be ready.

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