Mood Board


I saw this cookbook on Anthropologie's website and immedietly wanted to create
a mood board around it. Lately I have been fascinated by stone and marble and how intricate
and beautiful they are. There is no definite pattern in marble and yet it always turns out
stunning. You can add some extra sparkle and glamor to an office space or your home
in general by adding some marble or stone touches. How beautiful would that stone paperweight
be in a bookshelf? If that cookbook was mine, I would place it somewhere the eye catches
so it's more of a statement piece. I think I'm going to have a house full of cookbooks
someday but never actually cook out of them, just stare at them! haha

And some links for your weekend reading:

You should read Natalie's post because it's just so good.

I'm a big fan of some well placed wallpaper (I can see my mom rolling her eyes in disgust right now. She hates wallpaper) and this round-up shows the prettiest designs around!

I love reading about other people's college experiences (and snooping into people's lives in general because people are fascinating, ya know?)

I  want to find the perfect lipstick shade for me. I like this article on a bold lip.

It would be fun to pull off these rhubarb hued glasses.

I want to make this when I'm home for Thanksgiving! Yum!! Amanda has the best recipes.

Happy Friday!


Allie said...

that is a REALLY cool iphone case

Allie said...

Reading blogs is basically the best excuse to be nosy isn't it?! Also your mood board is absolutely stunning!

Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

Allie said...

I totally agree. It's the socially acceptable way to be nosy :)

Allie said...

It's from Anthropologie!

Allie said...

I'm really digging that bracelet! This whole mood board is honestly the coolest and I think perfectly captures how I've been feeling about accessories lately (earthy, natural stuff).

Marissa //

Allie said...

Thank you so much! I feel like earthy accessories will always be in.

Allie said...

I'm totally digging that phone case! Good luck on the lipstick search. Trying a stack of colours is half the fun! x

Allie said...

Love this collage post!