DLBD {Darling Little Black Dress}

I'm starting something new. It's called the Darling Little Black Dress. I recently had the opportunity
to pick a dress from the amazing eShakti and the experience was truly
great. You put in all of your dimensions and you can even adjust the length of the frock
and then they send you the beautifully finished product.

This DLBD is going to be the perfect graduation/Christmas dress and it twirls like a dream. 
I love how unique and feminine it is! I added an Anthropologie studded belt 
to make it a bit fancier and then found the perfect purple wall to pose with. 
Also, please notice the tiny bows on the shoulders. It's bowfection... ok, I'm done.

If you're looking for a perfectly custom fitted outfit complete with wonderful customer
service and a speedy process, eShakti is for you! 
Use code "allienotsally" to get 10% off your purchase as well!
(valid from 9/23/14- 10/23/14)

Check out their FB, Pinterest and Instagram as well!


Allie said...

this is such a cute dress and your haircut is so chic, i love it!

Allie said...

Thank you so much!

Allie said...

OMYGOSH!!! I love the embellishments at the top!