My Favorite Fall Shows

TV is back! TV is back!
 I wish I had a DVR so I could watch everything but alas, I am restricted to just a couple
of favorite shows that I consistently love. 

These are the shows that i love, love, love:
 I LOVE this show! I would definitely say I love it even more than Chicago Fire. I've been a 
Sophia Bush fan since One Tree Hill and then her good-looking partner is one of 
my favorite character plus I have learned I could never be a cop. I have so much respect
for cops (and I also have a deeply irrational fear of them). If you're not already watching
this show, please do so!

 This is the only new show I've invested some time in and I love it! I am a huge fan of Dave
Annabelle and Octavia Spencer plus all of the characters are incredibly endearing. I keep
recommending it to everyone I know (including you guys)!

 The original Chicago series show! (I'm still convinced there's going to be a Chicago MD)
This show has lost me a little bit plus I don't have time to watch it on Tuesdays anymore but
I still try to stay up-to-date as much as I can! I also deeply respect firefighters!!

I  know I'm waaaaaaay behind on the Parks & Rec train but wow, I don't know why I didn't start
this sooner. I am so obsessed with this show that I plan on being one of the characters for Halloween!
I just finished season 6 and don't know how I am supposed to wait until season 7 comes on!
Also, I AM Ben Wyatt. (Example 1: the irrational and paralyzing fear of cops)

What are your favorite shows? Any I should add to the list?

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Allie said...

I have a show for almost every day of the week. Monday: "The Originals" which is the spin off to "The Vampire Diaries" which I watch every Thursday. I have an obsession with vampires. It's healthy. Tuesday: "New Girl" and "The Mindy Project". These are shows that are absolutely funny and adorable. You have to watch and love them too. Wednesday: "American Horror Story: Freak Show". I love this show. It made me love horror. Sunday: "The Walking Dead". I think "The Walking Dead" is the best thing to ever be on TV. It keeps you on your feet, it's entertaining, and it has a storyline that won't quit.