Playing Catch-Up

 I saw this on Michaela's blog this morning and really wanted to join along, so yes, there are 
two posts today! Yay Friday!

Making: Lots of flashcards and edits to my grad school applications. I have two big tests next week and a paper due plus the apps so staying organized is key!

Drinking: Obscene amounts of coffee and English Breakfast tea. Helllooo caffeine!
Wanting: A new tote bag for school! I have a post coming up next week with some of my favorites. :) But for now, the spending freeze continues!
Eating: I'm eating way too much Mexican food lately. I go on these weird food obsession kicks every once in a while and right now it's Mexican food from my favorite place. I have to get all the good Mexican while I'm still in the southwest!
Smelling: My holiday candles. One is vanilla and the other is pine. I know Halloween hasn't even happened yet but they soothe me.
Wishing: I'm wishing for my tests to go well next week and also that I get my letters of recommendation packets put together by the end of next week!
Enjoying: I've been loving the cooler mornings and evenings here. It still gets into the high 80's in the afternoons but it doesn't matter when it at least cools down. I'm also just enjoying Tucson and my final months here.
Loving: I'm loving everything from Anthropologie right now. I also love the book, Calm My Anxious Heart. I don't think there could possibly be a better book for me haha!
Hoping: That the weather drops down into the 70's soon! I really want some cooler weather so I can start wearing sleeves and maybe a light jacket?
Needing: To get moving! I have to get my day going! (#procrastination)
Feeling: I am feeling very hopeful. I am content with my major, the grad schools I'm applying to, and I'm excited for the future!
Wearing: I'm currently wearing more professional clothes because I have some research testing to do this morning!
Bookmarking: I've been bookmarking all of the Christmas gift ideas I have for friends and family!!
Noticing: How much I miss Italy. I have a good friend (Hi, Valeria!!) who is in Orvieto right now and I am having some major envy! My sister is also going to be studying abroad in Italy next semester so I am bound to be jealous of the two of them for a while longer. Italy will always be a piece of home to me. 
If you want, you should tag along! 
Happy Friday!!


Allie said...

I love this idea! I'm so excited for you. Good luck on your tests and grad school apps!! I can't believe these are your final months in Tucson :( Fall is definitely my favorite though. Going to Tucson Meet Yourself and the All Souls Procession are always highlights for me. It's incredible seeing Tucson get together like that.
Also, loved the shout out! You make me so happy I can't believe you're leaving...

Allie said...

This is a great post idea! And I am very jealous of how much mexican food you've been eating! I bet that the calibre of mexican food is on a whole other level in the States to how it is in England. I mean, there are a few places where you can get really good, authentic mexican, but I can't believe that it would be anywhere near as good as the stuff you can get in America. (And obviously in Mexico itself!)

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