Things I Love

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Amy Poehler's new book sounds hilarious and like a great read. I loved Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling's
books and I think hers is going to be at the top of my favorite books list soon.

 Lauren Conrad has impeccable taste, as we all know, and she just shared her top ten
pumpkin decorating ideas and they. are. adorable. I love the flower one shown above and the 
gilded ones are also incredible. 

Have you listened to Taylor's new album yet? Thoughts?? I'm gonna pick it up today and
figure out all the codes and hyper-analyze every little lyric. (It's the only way)

I've been excited about this collarboation for quite some time! Gap Kids and Kate Spade/Jack Spade
have teamed up and the collection is available at Gap starting October 30th!!
It's only in stores for two weeks though so hurry! Check it out here!

Have you seen this yet? I can't wait till Into the Woods comes out! Fun fact: my sister and I
were in a kids version of the musical when we were both in elementary school! That's when I
decided the stage was definitely not for me. I'd rather appreciate it than be a part of it!!

Do you have anything you've been loving and I should be aware of??

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