One Shirt Three Ways

Outfit 1
This jean shirt is one of my favorite shirts because of its versatility. The outfit above is one of my classic go-to's because it's comfortable and the shorts add just enough pizazz with a plainer shirt.
Outfit 2
This is the same outfit from Monday! I love how it is the perfect fall look and it's almost
the time when I can wear this and not sweat like crazy! Yay!
Outfit 3
 This skirt is one of my favorite statement pieces that I own and it works perfectly with
the jean shirt. It's a girly outfit and also perfect for the summer to fall transition. When it
does start getting colder, you can switch out the sleevless chambray shirt with one that has
longer sleeves.

With my spending freeze in full force, I thought it would be fun to showcase one shirt three ways.
I've now reached the point where I am struggling to like my clothes much longer but that
might also be because I'm a little tired of wearing warm weather clothes.

But I can proudly say I have still not bought one article of clothing or jewelry since starting 
the spending freeze! Yay! 

Have a great Friday! Tucson has their annual Folk Festival this weekend and I'm going to
my favorite farm!! Any exciting plans for your weekend?


Allie said...

love these outfits! the top works in so many different ways :)

Allie said...

Chambray tops are the best!!